Business immigration is an area of law that deals with employment related issues such as hiring a foreign national and/or temporary worker. In order to get a business immigrant visa, the applicant must meet certain requirements in relation to investing capital and making a sufficient benefit to the United States economy. In this article, you will learn all about hiring an immigration lawyer.

Who is an experienced Business Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles

An experienced Business Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles is one that has a good understanding of the U.S. immigration laws and a professional background in building and implementing legal plans for immigrant clients who want to live or work permanently in the United States.

Roles of a Business Immigration Lawyer

An experienced business immigration lawyer is an expert on the American Immigration laws and can help you with the likes of these services:


An experienced business immigration lawyer, especially in Los Angeles, can provide you with advice on your options; what is required and any requirements that you must meet before applying for U.S. citizenship. This is important because the USCIS process is long and there are several steps that need to be followed to avoid mistakes which may eventually get your application rejected. The attorney will advise you on the best course of action and will also inform you about any benefits that you may qualify for.


If you choose to hire an experienced immigration attorney, they are personally available to represent you in the immigration trial. The main advantage of this is that they have a better idea of how to handle various immigration court cases in relation to your case and can present any legal arguments in a straightforward manner. They know what information should be presented at each stage of the case and eventually, can help with getting a positive decision on your behalf. This will speed up the immigration process significantly thereby reducing costs and stress levels greatly.

Representation on Appeal

If the immigration judge has rejected your case, there is a possibility that you may appeal. The appeal process is exactly as it sounds; you will hire an attorney to represent you and have them argue your case at the USCIS level. An experienced lawyer will know how to handle this process and can help with arguing their positive points in relation to the relevant laws and regulations. This will ultimately get your case approved or at least, acknowledged by the USCIS.

Representation in Court

In some cases where an immigration lawyer cannot convince USCIS of a favorable outcome, or if they are not able to obtain a favorable decision in relation to your matter; they may be required to go into court for approval.

As you can see, hiring an experienced business immigration lawyer is important as they know how to navigate the legal system with ease and help you obtain any favorable decision. It is an important step in obtaining permanent residency or citizenship in the U.S. When hiring an immigration lawyer, be sure that you hire a reputable one with a background in the area of law that concerns your case.